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June 25, 2018

Book review: Beat the devil at his own game

Cindy Trimm book cover
Cindy Trimm book cover

If you like business and management books, chances are you have read Sun Tzu’s classic, The art of war. Many people buy books with advice about how to thrive in business, relationships and even fitness, but how what about how to have a thriving spiritual life?

For Christians looking for a prayer guide to help them get through some of life’s most common problems, The Rules of Engagement by Cindy Trimm is a book worth reading.

Its principal message is mind over matter; that the main problems we face as human beings are because we let the devil take control of our minds. 

Trim suggests that just as one maps out a strategy for their career, or fitness success, it is equally important to have a strategy in your prayer life for it to be effective.

The book promises to teach you how to ‘beat the devil at his own game and wage a war against him confidently’.

Trimm explains the challenges we go through as being a war (a spiritual one) and the battlefield is in the mind. To ensure we keep our thoughts on track, you have to know who you are, whose you are (a child of God), your enemy (the devil), the tactics he uses to take control of our minds and the weapon to counterattack (the word of God in the Bible).

The book shares an A-Z list of biblical solutions for just about every challenge one can face.

While some find the terminology too complex, many say the book is beneficial in spite of this.

The book was published in 2008 and is one of those you can refer to every so often.

Trimm is an accomplished author with many book titles to her name, including Command your Morning and The 40-day Soul Fast.

She has been to Kenya for several speaking engagements and describes her assignment as being to motivate people to fulfil their purpose.


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