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January 19, 2019

Lesuuda guns for Deputy Speaker seat as Parliament opens

A file photo of Samburu West MP-Elect  Naisula Lesuuda. /MONICAH MWANGI
A file photo of Samburu West MP-Elect Naisula Lesuuda. /MONICAH MWANGI

Samburu West MP-elect Naisula Lesuuda has submitted her application for the position of Deputy Speaker in Parliament.

In a statement on Friday, Lesuuda said her experience as Senator in the 11th Parliament counts as a great step towards the position.

"With the election now behind us and President Uhuru Kenyatta having gazetted the first sitting of the 12th Parliament, it is time to get down to business," she said.

She said her passion for leadership by women is a key factor for her candidature.

"My leadership capability is not in doubt. In 2010, I was the youngest woman to get the presidential Order of the Grand Warrior. In 2011, I received the International Labour Organisation's wedge award for Outstanding Professional Woman," Lesuuda added.

She also highlighted her roles in the 11th Parliament as chair of the Joint Committee on Parliamentary Broadcasting and Library, vice-chair of the Senate Committee on Devolved Governments and member of the Senate Procedure and Rules Committee.

"I believe that my colleagues have over the years seen my work and have confidence in my ability to lead. I request them to turn this confidence into support for my candidature and promise to serve them diligently as Deputy Speaker," she said.

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Lesuuda is one of a few women politician who won their races in the August 8 general election.

Amid pressure for more to be done regarding the two thirds gender rule, lobby groups CREAW and CRAWN Trust wanted MPs' swearing-in suspended.

The High Court declined to grant the order.

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