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January 21, 2019

Election was unfair, Aukot says, wishes to join NASA Supreme Court case

A file photo of Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot at Mombasa Club. /BRIAN OTIENO
A file photo of Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot at Mombasa Club. /BRIAN OTIENO

Ekuru Aukot is displeased with international observers' declaration of the election as free and fair and would accept a chance to be enjoined in NASA's case.

"The election was not free and fair especially on the polls transmission software," the Thirdway Alliance party leader said during KTN's Friday morning debate on the election.

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Aukot further said neither Jubilee Party nor NASA is perfect and that it is unfortunate that Kenyans did not vote for him on August 8.

He praised the National Super Alliance for turning to the Supreme Court with their claim that the election was rigged.

The politician wished the Opposition the best saying pitfalls of the electoral process will be uncovered.

But he added: "They should not end election disputes at the court. They should also reveal any IEBC official found guilty and take punitive measures against them.

“If given an opportunity, we as the Third Way Alliance would wish to join in the case," he said noting they will not side with NASA.

IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati declared Uhuru Kenyatta the winner with 8,203,290 votes against NASA candidate Raila Odinga's 6,762,224.

But Raila has refused the concede saying the KIEMS was hacked and that rigging was the reason acting ICT director Chris Msando was murdered. Investigations on this case are ongoing.

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Aukot further said he hopes the evidence the Opposition tables will materially or significantly overcome the outcome.

"That's not for me to decide but the court," he said, noting Kenyans have the democratic right to choose their leaders.

Regarding campaigns, the politician said it is disappointing that Kenyans are tribalistic and always go after money.

“There were times I went for campaigns and people said toa ya macho (give cash for 'our eyes') and that they do not care about issue based politics."

Aukot also noted some leaders do not respect institutions, the Judiciary in particular, as they want it to rule in their favour.

Politicians usually hand out cash to woo voters but the electoral agency established rules against.

What remains to be seen is whether politicians who defied the directive will be punished.

On August 11, presidential candidate Abduba Dida said Uhuru and Raila should both be disqualified and candidate Joe Nyagah announced winner.

Dida dismissed the top leaders as thugs and added he does not blame Raila for not accepting the result.

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