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January 22, 2019

Comic book and art fans convene at Naiccon 2017

Edward Gakuya, author of 'The Continent', with Morietz Muthui of 'Dawn'
Edward Gakuya, author of 'The Continent', with Morietz Muthui of 'Dawn'

The mention of comic books brings to mind images of Marvel and DC superheroes, but a Kenyan revolution is in the making to localise comic book content.

Enter the Nairobi Comics Convention (Naiccon), which was founded in 2014.

Naiccon organiser Thomas Imboywa, who started the event because he and his friends weren't able to travel to the US to participate in the San Diego Comic-Con, will have been delighted by the turnout at the latest edition.

It ran from July 29-30 at the Sarit Centre and also featured standalone artworks. Fans of video games, cosplay, virtual reality and animations also found a home in Naiccon.

Exhibitors included comic book producers Edward Gakuya (The Continent), Morietz Muthui (Dawn), Stephen Ndungu (Legends of Stone) and Yambo Okoth (Veneration Z), as well as artists Sam Momanyi and Richard Njogu.

Some of the themes featured in their work were sci-fi, superhero, manga and social commentary.


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