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October 22, 2017

Kisii losers will file a flurry of court petitions

Kitutu Chache North parliamentary candidate Julius Migos Ogamba votes at Motonto primary school
Kitutu Chache North parliamentary candidate Julius Migos Ogamba votes at Motonto primary school

A flurry of election petitions is expected to be filed after losers rejected the General Election results released by the IEBC in Kisii county.

Already, Zaheer Jhanda of Nyaribari Chache and Migos Ogamba of Kitutu Chache North have rejected the results. The two said they are consulting with their lawyers with the aim of petitioning the results.

“I’m weighing my options with a view to seeking redress in court. There was massive manipulation and voter bribery across the constituency. The people voted and we must give them leadership,” said Ogamba, a Nairobi advocate who contested on the ODM ticket.

He said in several polling stations where he did not have agents, his votes were manipulated. In the results released by the IEBC, Jimmy Angwenyi of JP emerged winner, with 16, 121 votes, with Ogamba  finishing second with 6,786 votes.

In Nyaribari Chache, Jhanda termed the results an outright robbery. “The people of Nyaribari defied religion, clans and race to vote for me. Their will must be respected,” said the Kenyan of Indian origin. He lost to Nyagaka Tong’i.

Tong’i garnered 14,140, beating Jhanda to second place with 11,710, while former MP Chris Bichage was third with 10,440 and another former area MP, Robert Monda, was fourth with 8,105 votes.

“I have spoken to four other candidates and we have agreed to file a joint petition. The people’s voice must be respected because they resoundingly voted Tong’i out,” added the youthful politician. He claimed that his agents were bribed in the entire Kiogoro ward. “I have not been able to reach them up to now,” he added.

Others expected to file election petitions include former MPs Joel Onyancha (Bomachoge Chache) and Zebedeo Opore (Bonchari).

At the same time, Tong’i said he won fairly.

“People voted for me across the constituency, defying the strong NASA wave in this region, which was considered their stronghold. My worthy opponents should accept defeat and join me in developing the constituency,” added Tong’i.

Havi is a lawyer


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