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October 21, 2017

'Prezzo wants to kill me,' says his 'harassed' ex Yola

Prezzo and Michelle Yola
Prezzo and Michelle Yola

Rapper Prezzo's ex-girlfriend Michelle Yola has called him out for cyber-stalking her, begging to make time to "talk" to him. The reality TV star took to social media to tell off Prezzo to stop embarrassing himself because she has moved on.

"Jackson Ngechu, listen very carefully. Don't let that smile fool you because I have phone recordings and messages to prove every single word you said to me! I have been quiet for so long and if I start to talk, Lord knows! I hate it that I'm even addressing you but enough is enough!"

She added: "I can go on the whole night posting recordings and messages of you begging to get back together kisha when I refused you started with the threats... I'm so over your dramatic life and threats because I'm not playing to your tune anymore! Let's meet in court, sir, since you also own the government, Mr "President"! Then the whole "world" that you've been brainwashed telling them I've refused to be past tense (a line that you've always used with all your exes) when I'm CLEARLY in another phase of my life will know the TRUTH! Excuse me I gorra go, you guy... someone else needs my attention right now. You are delirious."

Yola further wrote: "If anything happens to me just know it's @prezzo254 who's behind it. From threatening texts talking about releasing our explicit pictures and videos to stealing all my documents and on top of that he even took my phone because I told him our relationship won't work! I left with nothing that has his name on it and we've been separated for months now so PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE AND MOVE ON! All this for what?? I have moved on with my life kindly do the same. I suggest you get to a wellness centre and get help! Try yoga or something dude! Stop stalking me and stop lying to the media. You pushed me to the edge and if you don't stop I'm gonna go ahead and take legal action because I'm scared for my safety! I got receipts so don't try me!"

When called for comment Prezzo said he hasn't spoken to Yola for ages. "She has been non-existent to me. I left Nairobi Diaries because I don't want to be around her."

Yola shared screenshots of numerous missed calls from Prezzo and a voice recording of what sounds like Prezzo's voice begging her to call him back.

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