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January 22, 2019

All White Celebration Of Event Aficionado Big Kev

Mum and Sister
Mum and Sister

Family, friends and fans of Kevin Ombajo a.k.a Big Kev had converged at Nairobi Chapel for the All White Celebration Of Big Kev to celebrate his legacy on Thursday ahead of his burial in Kisumu, Gem on Saturday.

Big Kev is lauded as a mentor and leader in the event management arena. He died after battling cancer of the brain.

Many who spoke about his narrated of his bravery, selflessness and kinddness.

His eulogy read: "Through his own suffering, Big Kev became more alive to the plight and the suffering of others. On one of the occasions when he was in hospital a child in the next bed needed some financial assistance and the parents had been stretched to the limit. Rather than dwell on his illness and his own need of finances to cater for his hospital expenses KEV instructed that funds be found and that the little boy’s needs be sorted out immediately. He engineered a funds drive for this family right from his hospital bed."

He will be greatly missed.

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