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December 19, 2018

SOCIETY 2: Fun, food and enterprise at Tusker Luo Festival

Collins Okoth, Igwe Bandason and Maurice Juma
Collins Okoth, Igwe Bandason and Maurice Juma

As part of the 'Here's to the us in every Tusker' campaign, Tusker Lager partnered with Luo Festival to stage a Luo night at Carnivore Restaurant. The festival brought together local artistes, community leaders, corporate leaders and friends to celebrate in food, dance and share conversations.

Tusker is in the fore of linking friends, and people in general through staging parties that reflect Kenyans' spirit of fun, food, hard work and enterprise. This parties also aspire to reinvigorate the cohesive spirit that is at the core of the country, especially as it heads to the general election. 

The parties have been traversing various parts of the country, engaging with the youth as part of Tusker's vision to get them to meet and network.

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