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February 19, 2019

A Pretty Device Carved Out Of Aerospace-Grade Aluminium

The Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition
The Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition

Some time back, mobile devices are came indifferent sizes and shapes with one thing in common: they were all made from plastic. Over the past few years, things have changed with phones available in a variety of finishes from metal to glass. Metallic smartphones feel more premium and pricey when held. Not just the premium feel but in terms of practical rigidity, metal frames help more than a plastic frame does and now some smartphone manufacturers have switched their standards to all-metallic aesthetics.

TECNO Mobile the official Handset Partner of the Manchester City Football Club, finally unveiled its Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition smartphone.

The flagship is the latest in a line of photo-focused smartphones of the Camon series; best known for its premium camera upgrades and pocket friendly price tag. The Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition features the City blue color and includes the official crest on the reverse.

“The smartphone, like its cousins, the TECNO CX/CX Air, comes with dual cameras hosting 4-in-1 light technology. This means the signal-to-noise (SNR) capability is 1.7 times better than the average smartphone and has an incredible capability to shoot beautiful, stunning photography in low-light.” says Stephen Ha, TECNO Mobile General Manager.

Each pixel sensor on the 16MP front and back cameras detect and transmit light from any image as independent signals that collectively forms the final image of a picture.  This state-of-the-art camera technology results in selfies that are thirty percent brighter than selfies from average smartphones.

The device features several amazing features such as a 16MP dual camera with dual LED front flashlights, a customized ring flash in the rear, a 3200mAh battery, fingerprint scanner, 4GB RAM and an expandable internal storage of 64GB all running on an octa-core processor and android Nougat 7.o.

This unique smartphone has standout features such as full-metal casing in City blue, a laser-etched Manchester City crest on the rear and an upgraded storage space of 4GB RAM/ 64GB ROM, much bigger than Camon CX.

Customers who unbox the new phone will also enjoy customized gift packs including a City branded selfie stick, water bottles and bluetooth speakers.

The device Edition is unarguably a great selfie gadget. Whether at night or during the day, the 16MP dual cameras do not disappoint. The front camera has two bright flashlights that light up dark environments and guards against red eye effects in pictures taken under low light.

Its revolutionary quick capture feature ensures that by simply resting your finger on the fingerprint sensor nicely positioned at the rear of the CX will trigger the smartphone’s camera to capture whatever image is within the camera’s line of sight in just 0.1second. Capturing quick passing moments has become a lot easier with the device as users can conjure the camera into action by simply double tapping the volume control button.

 “To celebrate our partnership with Manchester City, we are proud to provide our consumers with unparalleled mobile experience with the introduction of the new Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition smartphone.” added Stephen.

5000 units of the Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition will be available in nine regions around the world including Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Kenya, Tanzania, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Cameroon.

The Limited edition will ship mid-July to Kenya, Nigeria and Dubai, as well as other select markets. Exact price will vary in markets. The phone will sell at SH 30,999.

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