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February 21, 2019

Six dairy cows die after eating poisoned grass in Marakwet

"The farmer said he incurred a loss of about Sh480,000." /FILE
"The farmer said he incurred a loss of about Sh480,000." /FILE

A Marakwet West farmer's six cows died after eating grass sprayed with pesticides.

Christopher Kaino said the animals died one after the other after grazing near a maize farm in Simbeiywet village, Moiben location.

“I was not aware that the farmer in my neighbourhood had sprayed his farm. The cows grazed near the farm and their stomachs bloated before they died,” Kaino said.

“Five other cows that survived are being monitored by a veterinary officer.”

The farmer said he incurred a loss of about Sh480,000.

Area assistant chief John Chelimo said the neighbour sprayed his farm with herbicides on Monday.

“This is a big loss to the farmer considering he was earning an income from the four Friesian and two Ayrshire cows that were giving milk,” Chelimo said.

“The pesticides were concentrated and highly poisonous. The cows fed on grass in the morning when it was still wet, making absorption easy."

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