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February 21, 2019

Free from bondage

Human trafficking is real. As unbelievable as it sounds, my unborn baby will probably make more money for these monsters than I ever will. And they’ll have her for a lot more years than they’ll have me. Imagine being born into a life of drugs and prostitution? I can’t allow that to happen. I have to get out of here!

I wait for a few minutes after he leaves and then I gather the sheets. The window in the room is pretty high up but thanks to the trunk they left behind, I can try and reach it, using the sheets as rope. I had noticed rough edges on the trunk and some of the decorative metal studs are pretty sharp. Sharp enough to help me rip these sheets. I cut three separate strips, each about 20 inches wide. Then I braid them together. It takes me about an hour. When I’m done, I stretch it out. It doesn’t feel strong enough to support my body weight. I cut another three strips and repeat the process, this time tying both braids together when I’m done. It feels much stronger now. Two hours are gone and I’m nervous that Bill will come back to check on me soon. I push the trunk to the wall where the window is. I clamber on top of it. Just as I thought - I’m high enough to push the window open but not nearly high enough to climb out. It has a bar on it and I swing my make shift rope around it. I test my weight on it. It feels strong. I can do this!

I start to climb. When I reach the top, I start to squeeze through the bars. Thankfully, they are wide enough for me to wiggle through. But it’s a struggle. I pull the rope and toss it to the other side. I’ve made it! I climb down quickly and fall gingerly to the ground. The Girl Guide movement has paid off 20 years later. Who knew? Thanks mum, for making me join! Our motto was ‘Be Prepared’ and they taught us to cope with anything that might come our way. I do the Guide Sign (Three fingers standing) – Duty to God, Country and Guide Law. My squad would be so proud of me right now. I look around. It’s very quiet. Bill must be inside. I won’t approach the gate this time; I’m better off trying to go through the hedge. Besides, I couldn’t climb that gate the last time I tried. My fingers kept sliding on the slippery rails, wet from the rain.

I run to the fence like demons are behind me. It’s dusk, it will be dark soon. I get to it quickly enough and walk along it until I find a part of the hedge that thankfully has no wire mesh. I can squeeze through this but it’s very dense. The thorns rip at my flesh as I struggle through the overgrown thicket. It takes forever. When I finally make it to the other side, I’m full of scrapes and bruises. I guess I’m not such a clean canvas anymore! I stifle a laugh. I’ve made it! I’m on the road! I have no clue where I am. It’s dark now. Should I go left or right? I don’t care. I’m out of here. I start running. I have no idea where I’m going but I need to place as much distance as I can between me and that place. After about 10 minutes I see a car approaching. Do I try and flag them down for help? But what if it’s the people who took me there? Or worse, the client? I hide behind a tree until the headlights fade away in the distance.    

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