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November 16, 2018

Musician pushes girlfriend off sixth floor after she came from the UK to visit him

Kenyan musician Bradley Juma Obomi, popularly known as Trap King Chrome, is in the news once again. Known for his flashy lifestyle, Trap King is in love with a British woman, Tinu Collins, and the two are never afraid to show off their affection for each other in public.

Tinu, who hails from Manchester, UK, came to Kenya on May 26 and has been staying with her lover in one of the city's suburbs. According to sources, the couple have been fighting each other over alleged infidelity for quite a while, and yesterday, things turned ugly. The upcoming singer pushed her from the sixth floor of Sunview apartment in Lavington area. She was later picked up by policemen and taken to a city hospital, where she is recuperating, while Trap King Chrome is being held at Muthangari police station.

Trap King, who used to stay in South London, was allegedly deported and his lover decided to come to Kenya to visit. He released a song eight months ago, which was produced by Grand Pa records.

Refiggah, the founder of Grandpa, said Chrome is not signed under his record label. It was only one song, Bring Em Out

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