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February 16, 2019

no need for award to get to God: Willy Paul takes a dig at Groove

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Controversial gospel singer Willy Paul was not very pleased when he missed out on nominations in this year’s Groove Awards.

This was actually the second time the Fanya hitmaker was snubbed by the coveted awards, and he was not alone.

It just so happens that Willy Paul and his longtime frenemy Bahati did not get any nominations for the event, which went down about a month ago, but the real reason for this was never revealed.

Willy Paul, who has stayed away from scandals in the last few months, decided to go to the studio and work on a song dubbed Digiri  (Degree), taking shots at Groove Awards and hypocritical artistes in the gospel industry.

The song was set to drop on Madaraka Day, but before he dropped it, Willy Paul posted:

“Morning my people, just before I drop my Digiri video later in the day, make it your skiza.. follow the procedure... By releasing this song I know nasaidia uprising artists wote. By releasing this song nasaidia wasani wote wame make it but wanafeel wanaogopa kuongea ukweli about the reality. I ask you all to be strong.. don’t let anyone lie to you.. don’t let anyone use you.. Another thing, the God we serve is a merciful God.. and very understanding 

“You don’t really need an AWARD to get to Him, not even a degree.. you just need ur Faith manze.. maombi yako ndio itakupeleka kwake.. So my fellow artist open ur eyes and every other person out there.. kuwa smart!


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