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September 22, 2017

I never insulted Kiambu women, emotional Kabogo opens up on defeat

Deputy President William Ruto and Kiambu Governor  William Kabogo at Ngoingwa estate in Thika. Photo/JOHN KAMAU
Deputy President William Ruto and Kiambu Governor William Kabogo at Ngoingwa estate in Thika. Photo/JOHN KAMAU

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has blamed the United for Kiambu group led by Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu for his loss in the Jubilee party primaries.

Kabogo said the group used propaganda to tarnish his name and ruin his track record.

While speaking on Radio Jambo on Wednesday, Kabogo stated that he will be vindicated on the accusations by God and the people of Kiambu in August.

"I have never insulted women in Kiambu or anywhere else because I hold them highly. The allegations which were put forward to the people were just political," he said.

".......they should know that I am back and this time I will be ready to ensure the people of Kiambu get the leadership they deserve," Kabogo added.

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Kabogo who is defending his seat as an Independent candidate, however, affirmed his support for President Uhuru Kenyatta's reelection bid.

" I have built hospitals in every ward. I have helped to form and finance women groups for their growth and this is not something that can be buried under the sand," he said.

"If I indeed wronged anyone then I politely ask for forgiveness because we all need each other in the long run," the governor added.

Kabogo lost in the Jubilee primaries after he garnered 69,916 votes against Waititu's 353,604 votes.

"We will defend this seat as one people because this is not my fight it is our fight. It is not about who is stronger at spreading propaganda but about the vision that will take us where we need to be," he said

Kabogo said power is given by the people and he was ready to make Kiambu a better county.

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