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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Corridors of Power

Agriculture CS Willy Bett./MATHEWS NDANYI
Agriculture CS Willy Bett./MATHEWS NDANYI

Social media has been abuzz this week with pregnant questions as to why Agriculture CS Willy Bett flew all the way to the coastal town of Mombasa to ostensibly receive a consignment of maize from Mexico, if at all the grain was imported by private millers as he claimed. The CS had told the nation that the maize was imported by businessmen and not the state, as widely speculated, but forgot that his very actions, including standing guard as the off-loading was being done, were endorsements of a government affair. Rarely do senior government officials at the level of a CS burn taxpayers’ money to go and receive private investment consignments. Isn’t this another portal of lies that may sooner rather than later bring the chickens home to roost? Well, only time will tell as Jubilee’s next grand scandal unfolds.


The Political Parties Disputes’ Tribunal has been busy sorting out differences from the chaotic party primaries, but a mole whispers to Corridors that some clerks and judiciary orderlies have been busy trading justice in the form of a “facilitation fee” from complainants. The fee ranges from Sh300,000 to Sh400,000 and is meant to assist in fast-tracking cases, extracting orders and typing judgments as soon as possible. A senior lawyer was overheard complaining yesterday of how some people in the corridors of justice have gone back to their bad habits. Demanding bribes has become routine.


A woman Jubilee politician who unsuccessfully ran for the party’s ticket for Nairobi governor is crying foul after spending millions on campaigns. The politician is said to have convinced her “husband” to sell their bungalow in Nairobi’s leafy Karen suburb to fund the campaigns, after she reportedly convinced him of imminent victory. However, once the hubby heard that the wife had lost the primaries to her rival, he packed up and informed her of an urgent business trip to China. More than three weeks on, the man has never called her, even as the women’s life crumbled overnight around her, from grace to grass. The lady, who appears to be frustrated 24/7, was overheard explaining to a friend, a Member of Parliament, how life has become unbearable as she is unable to pay bills, including fees for their standard seven child.


Did voters participate in the repeat of the Jubilee primaries in Kisii as ordered by the court? Well, Corridors has been informed that while the court ruled the elections should be held again, aspirants retreated to a four-star hotel -about 10km from Kisii town, where they reportedly held elections. The end result was that no voters turned up in any polling station as aspirants cooked figures and inflated numbers even beyond the registered JP members in some constituencies.

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