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September 22, 2017

Corridors of Power

Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo. /LAMECK BARAZA
Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo. /LAMECK BARAZA

WILL the ODM National Elections Board chairperson, Judy Pareno, survive the storm stoked by poll losers determined to have her dropped as a nominated member of the East African Legislative Assembly? Some of the ODM big names who lost in the nominations are said to be plotting to reject her bid. Those unhappy with the lawmaker accuse her of all manner of wrongdoing, including bungling the party primaries. Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo (pictured) has already warned her of a bruising battle when the House votes on May 23. “We must be allowed to exercise our mandate here, she no longer picks calls and we don’t know where to find her,” he said on the floor of the House.


AND still on matters ODM, Corridors is informed that a senior MP from Nyanza is a troubled man. After he was shortchanged in the party primaries, he has developed lethal venom for his colleagues. He no longer greets his colleagues by hand, most of whom he accuses of having orchestrated his defeat. Last week, he told off a colleague in the precincts of Parliament, saying he would not forgive him. “I know what you did, you and your friends, but don’t worry losing is not the end of the world. But mark my words: I will not forgive you,” the vocal MP said. The unforgiving lawmaker is said to be planning to venture into the ‘tenderpreneuring’ sector to sustain his expensive lifestyle.


ON Thursday last week some youths who successfully got recruited to the Police Service in Kericho county were dropped from the final list and a new set of individuals who did not participate in the recruitment were picked. Corridors has been told that three men and a woman went to the Kericho Police Divisional Headquarters to raise their complaint, but were turned away by a senior police officer who arrogantly dismissed them as ‘conmen’. According to our source, the officer told them to “write to any office where you think you can be heard”. The trio now want the Kenya Police Service Commission chairman Johnston Kavuludi and IG Joseph Boinett to intervene, demand an audit of the process, and, or order a repeat.


PRESIDENT Uhuru Kenyatta’s team of campaigners have started their online campaigns in earnest. On YouTube, before one watches an item, a one-minute video of Uhuru’s achievements pops up. The catchy video lists some of the key Jubilee Administrations achievements in the four-and-a-half years it has been in power - and why Kenyans should give UhuRuto five more years.

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