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September 22, 2017

Corridors of Power

Tiaty MP Asman Kamama. / FILE
Tiaty MP Asman Kamama. / FILE

Tiaty MP Asman Kamama (pictured) was spotted in deep thoughts on Thursday during the budget reading and at the garden where MPs were taking refreshments. He appeared to avoid, quite a lot, any contact with National Assembly majority leader Aden Duale and mostly engaged with his friends from the Rift Valley. The outgoing chairman of the powerful National Assembly Security Committee has shifted allegiance from Jubilee to Maendeleo Chap Chap as he eyes to retain his Tiaty Parliamentary seat in the August 8 polls.


THERE are concerns within government over the multiple cases of foreign contractors with questionable character bidding for local tenders. This matter has raised the question of whether these companies are fronts by some Kenyans or have links to Kenyan individuals seeking to get tenders through the back door. This concern has been compounded by the recent controversy involving Gemalto SA which has been accused of impropriety in other countries but was able to get to the technical evaluation of the tendering process. We are told there are efforts to keenly watch these international companies with an appetite for local tenders.


A governor from Nyanza is a worried man after his long-standing marital issues almost exploded last week. The wealthy county chief known for his insatiable appetite for beautiful university students was humiliated at a famous club in Nairobi. His wife stormed at the uptown joint, causing a scene that embarrassed him. The wife demanded that the four beauties who had crowded her husband’s table be evicted by a bouncer. The county first lady threatened to make her husband’s bedroom inefficiency public before she was restrained by the governor’s brother and bodyguards. An apologetic governor hurriedly wound up the drinking binge and asked her to accompany him home to solve their issues. Amused revellers taunted the wife as being petty.


A chief executive officer of a parastatal within the Ministry of Energy is worried that he may be on his way out of the lucrative state agency if he doesn’t toe the ‘dangerous line’ some forces want him to. The young CEO was overheard complaining to his contemporaries that some powerful forces have been demanding that he delivers Sh5 million every Friday to them. The executive said he has delivered the money promptly for the last year and risks being sacked if he fails to comply. His biggest headache is where to source the money from as most of the ongoing projects are nearing completion. He also complained that contractors are concerned of his frequent requests to them to donate to the ‘special kitty.’

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