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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Kisumu County hosting [email protected] Gala event

Art work by Michael Soi made popular by Lupita Nyong'o
Art work by Michael Soi made popular by Lupita Nyong'o

Kisumu County set for greater heights art wise as [email protected] Gala will crown the finest artists of the Lake Region on Thursday16, 2017 at planet media cinema.

The talent search program dubbed [email protected] is expected to crown 6 winners of Sh10,000 with the best winning Sh 60,000 and the best female with a possibility of winning up to Sh 40,000 or Sh 90,000 if she appears the best artist overall.

After, the outspoken auditioning process carried out in the seven Sub Counties of Kisumu selecting the most talented in every category of spoken word artists, poets, musicians, dancers among others.

The office of Women representative Kisumu County in collaboration with [email protected] talent industry conducted a search within the region selecting the best artists for Gala events that is expected to kick of this week.

The selected artist who were taken for a one week training in preparation for the Gala which aims to bringing up talents and growing Kisumu County at greater heights arts wise by rooting this green talents within the region.

Rose Nyamunga women representative Kisumu said they want to first know what one has then nature it and ensure they benefit from it and that is why they came out to look for this hidden talents within Kisumu County.

Nyamunga also added that no one should lose hope in case they fail to make it this time and anyone should count on her in case of any help needed by the artists.

“For those who have missed the auditions this time, do not worry this is just the beginning we have more to come.” Said Nyamunga.

Bovince Ochieng the co-founder of [email protected] said his main idea was to show how artists can brand their image, put their art in the outside world and succeed with it.

He also added that they will hold the search yearly so that those who did not get to participate this time can try their luck come next year after it ended on February 25, 2017.

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