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December 16, 2018

DP Ruto Left Hurting, Badly

Royalty vs peasant
Royalty vs peasant

The dilemma in the Moi household has been resolved in a way that gives two dynasties hope that it’s possible for sons to walk in the footsteps of their fathers. But the settlement leaves two people – one in Kabarak and another in Sugoi - bruised.

The Deputy President, William Ruto of Sugoi, is hurting between two dynasties. The dynasties are bent on protecting each other’s interests at the expense of Ruto’s post-dated presidential ambition.

Gideon, the Prince of Kabarak, has surrendered his independence to remain the apple of daddy’s eye. The Biblical counsel, respect your parents, still holds for sons approaching age 60.

The Baringo senator, the blue-eyed inheritor of the Moi dynasty, has struck a compromise with the scion of Gatundu to keep the citadel aglow.

This is the energiser former President Moi needs to keep hope alive that the second generation of Gatundu will scratch the back of the second generation of Kabarak.

Gideon will run for president in 2022, the same year Ruto’s presidential ambition matures. President Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidency ends then if he is reelected. This hope is diminishing, which is how the young Moi comes in. For now, Gideon’s party is free to sponsor candidates for all elective positions, except president. This will trim Ruto’s clout in Rift Valley.

Will Uhuru support Gideon, his mentor’s son, or will he stick with his Jubilee ally? The 2013 dynamics have changed, but it is comforting for Ruto to believe the 2013 ‘jubilante’ song would rend the air again in 2022.

Royalty watch each other’s back: Uhuru called on Mzee Moi to court the support of Kanu, which his heir leads. The visit to Kabarnet Gardens came a month after the Kenyatta family matriarch, Mama Ngina, called on the former President at Kabarak. The visits came in the wake of the National Super Alliance wave across the counties.

The royal intrigues have left the Sugoi hustler sulking. The DP knows, no matter how far up he is in the pecking order, he is still a peasant. Ruto, President Moi’s former handyman, usurped Gideon’s legitimate place in the power equation.

Gideon, the patriarch, and Kanu are willing to support Uhuru, but they won’t touch Ruto. The President courted Moi and Gideon - father and son - into an alliance without the knowledge of his Jubilee ally. It hurts.

Ruto linked up with Uhuru and other power and economic elite to hijack the state. Keeping out changemaster Raila Odinga and Cord from state power in the March 4, 2013, general election sucked in former presidents Moi and Kibaki and key state agencies, including the judiciary.

Ruto has not been told to his face he is a royal outsider, but the actions of steak-holders say it plainly. Payback time has arrived. The executioners of the plot have no mercy for the self-declared hustler - the son of a peasant from Uasin Gishu county.

Uhuru and Ruto, the ‘dynamic duo’, have been in State House for four years now. They were beginning to dance to the beats of destiny when NASA arrived. Then, suddenly, the Prince of Kabarak stakes a claim on his birthright. This is being done without regard for Ruto’s presidential ambition.

The royal spite has come at the wrong time. The now-defunct Jubilee parties — the President’s TNA, and the DP’s URP — consummated their marriage six months ago. When Jubilee Party was settling into their single-mansion homestead, another bride arrives without Ruto’s knowledge. Gideon’s Kanu comes into the Jubilee matrimony months after the outfit spurned political polygamy.

Ruto is overlooking the dynamics of the moment for the transition 2022 general election. The August 8 election is not bagged. There is soaring hunger, anger, pain and thirst.

Doctors are on strike. Patients are suffering. Lecturers have boycotted work. About 500,000 public university students are wasting away. The spiralling insecurity and banditry in Baringo county, the heartland of Jubilee, make a bad situation worse.

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