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January 17, 2019

I foresee Gunners rising to the occassion despite recent poor run

Chelsea v Arsenal - Premier League - Stamford Bridge - 4/2/17 Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez and Gabriel Paulista in action with Chelsea's Willian and Marcos Alonso./REUTERS
Chelsea v Arsenal - Premier League - Stamford Bridge - 4/2/17 Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez and Gabriel Paulista in action with Chelsea's Willian and Marcos Alonso./REUTERS

Arsenal Vs Hull City, Today 3:30pm,

My Prediction: Gunners....2 Tigers...1

 I would like to be arrogant and ask ‘What is Hull City?’ but I have thoroughly been humbled by recent Arsenal performances; or lack thereof. The sting of that Eden Hazard goal is still so fresh so be easy on me today guys as I humbly predict the score of this next match. The Gunners in my view still have one of the best squads around but we also have a manager in Arsene Wenger who doesn’t seem normal. His team selection is always questionable but the biggest worry is his inability to sub non-performing players; like Mesut Ozil. There is no doubt that Ozil is a world class player but we haven’t been seeing that of late. It is also normal for a player’s form to dip and his has clearly dipped but Wenger doesn’t see that. As much as I respect Petr Cech, his form has also dipped and Wenger needs to have courage to start David Ospina in certain games, particularly at Stamford Bridge, where Cech made school boy errors perhaps out of nervousness given his history with the club. Hull City, meanwhile, are riding high on confidence having shockingly dismissed Liverpool 2-0 last weekend and hope they can do the same at Emirates. They are fighting relegation and giving their all to succeed. Even though I’m being humble today; I still predict in favour of Gunners because we need to save face. However, we will have to fight hard for it. The players meeting this week has hopefully put them in the right place mentally.

Manchester United Vs Watford, Today 6pm,

My Prediction: Red Devils ...1 Watford...1

My birthday is on September 18 and that date last year, I got a gift I will never forget. Man United lost 3-1 to Watford and what more could a footie fan like me want. Actually what I want now is a similar pre-Valentine gift from Watford. They shamed Arsenal 2-1 at Emirates Stadium ten days ago and annoyingly, they deserved it. They were very organised, played well and stayed very calm throughout the game even though they were away. Man United are unbeaten in their last 15 matches; which is very disturbing but they are beatable. I say that with very little conviction. Once again, they are playing for the badge and with Zlatan Ibrahimovich in such top form, beating them is hard for anyone. But Watford did it in September and United have to lose someday. Why am I grabbing at straws when at best this game will end in a draw.

Liverpool Vs Tottenham, Today 8:30pm,

My Prediction: Reds..... 2 Spurs.... 2

Oh poor Liverpool! Just like Arsenal, the Reds are going through a dry spell although theirs is worse than the Gunners one. Liverpool are yet to win a league match this year yet we are in February and they have played some pretty small teams in the past few weeks. Manager Jurgen Klopp seems confused because the same team that was performing for him earlier in the season isn’t getting results now. Their first eleven is intact save for Daniel Sturridge, who is never there and Sadio Mane is back and so they really don’t have any excuse. Spurs on the other hand, are way up there having not lost a game in nine matches. They are the only team to have beaten league leaders Chelsea in the last three months or so. This is a big tie which is tough to predict because Reds will up their game. Going by form, it would be a Spurs win hands down but going by the size of the game, both teams will step up and play for a draw.

Burnley Vs Chelsea, Tomorrow 4;30pm,

My Prediction: Burnley..1 Blue...3

Why am I bothering? Burnley will not be the team to delay Chelsea earning the title this season. Burnley have a few wins under their belt, putting them 12th in the league but they don’t step up against big teams. Chelsea is still on fire and winning everything under the sun. I won’t even bore you with details here as this game is done and dusted.

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