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January 20, 2019

NASA won’t change dynamics

NASA won’t change dynamics
NASA won’t change dynamics

On Monday this week, I started my day at Kameme FM where I was invited to talk about the need to register as a voter during the mass voter registration drive that starts on Monday, and run until February 14. It is the last voter registration before the general election in August.

I fully support President Uhuru’s reelection. I therefore had a simple message on why Central Kenya, the primary Kameme FM target audience, and the hardcore stronghold of President Uhuru Kenyatta, must ensure every single potential voter is registered during this exercise. I also explained why every voter who supports the President in the region — and across the country — must wake up very early on Tuesday, August 8 and vote for him. Jubilee supporters must ensure that what ODM keeps calling their “last bullet” actually becomes a reality by conclusively and permanently ending opposition leader Raila Odinga’s political career.

I offered two arguments to support my position — of course in addition to the obvious reality that Uhuru has done more to develop Kenya’s social, economic and political space in his first term than any other President since Independence.

First, most Kenyans, especially those of us from Central, treasure the right to free and independent thinking. Even when I was in the political wilderness of ODM, I was never afraid of going home — Nyeri. I knew Uhuru would not send goons to my upcountry home to intimidate me into silence. Instead, when I came on too hard against him he once called me live on Kameme FM to challenge my positions in a debate.

Contrast this with what happens to those who go against ‘Baba’ in his strongholds. This is why I shudder to imagine Raila as President — with executive powers rather than men-in-black — reacting to dissent. So I told the people of Central Kenya to use their votes to defend our right to independent thinking.

My second message was on why the vote is what will guarantee peace after the general election. We all remember what happened in 2007. Jubilee is going up against the same guys who showed that they have no qualms using violence to negotiate for power. In the past four years, they have set the stage. We have seen how, despite Uhuru defeating them with over 800,000 votes in 2013, they still insist their victory was ‘stolen’.

To defeat this kind of a politician the victory must be decisive. I am talking of at least 1.5 million votes. Such a gap will protect Kenya from ‘No Raila No Peace’ demonstrations, and the violence that comes with that. It will also save Kenyans from losing lives and property.

Then on Monday evening I was invited to KTN News for another interview. This time our discussion was on the opposition unity meeting which was held on Wednesday. I was debating against the head of the Cord Secretariat, and the secretary general of the ANC.

It was hilarious to argue with the two opposition party officials, especially as they struggled to explain how opposition’s unity was a sure sign of victory against Jubilee.

First, the vote tally of the seven presidential candidates who ran against Uhuru in 2013 was less than the votes the President got.

Second, Jubilee still retains the support it had in 2013, while Cord is struggling to hang on to its vote blocs. Third, two of the 2013 presidential candidates are now supporting Uhuru’s 2017 reelection bid. All this means that what the opposition brings to 2017 is actually less than what Uhuru was up against in 2013: Plus, he is the incumbent.

Yet when the opposition loses again this year, they will still claim their victory was stolen.

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