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February 22, 2018

List of 90 groups outlawed by State

A file photo of Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery. /JOE ADAMA
A file photo of Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery. /JOE ADAMA

Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery has declared 90 groups criminal and has outlawed them.

This means any member of the banned groups can be arrested and charged under the Prevention of Organised Crimes Act, 2010.

The law aims at enhancing the prevention, investigation, and punishment of organised crimes in the country.

Among those named in the notice include Wakali Kwanza, based on the Coast, the Gaza gang, which operates in Kayole, Superpower in Eastleigh and 42 Brothers, based in Eastlands.

Other outlawed groups are:

  1. Acrobatic
  2. Akapulo
  3. Akili za Usiku
  4. American Marines
  5. Bad Men
  6. Black Latino
  7. Bongo Bongo
  8. Boston Boys
  9. Bulanda Boys
  10. Chapa Ilale
  11. Chifu Kali
  12. Chimoi Highway Gang
  13. China Squad
  14. Chini ya Mnazi
  15. Chunga Chunga
  16. Colombo
  17. Confirm Broup
  18. Cool Boys
  19. Corner Stars
  20. Culture Boys
  21. Egypt Boys
  22. Eleven Crazy (Mji Mkubwa)
  23. Elite
  24. Eminants of Mungiki
  25. Five Fingers
  26. G15
  27. Gaza
  28. Gaza Strip
  29. Islamic State
  30. Jikoni Boys
  31. Jimba Lords
  32. Kabaridi
  33. KaduAsili Networks
  34. Kaganalau
  35. Karanja road Usalama Youth Group
  36. Kasumburu Cool Base
  37. Kawangware Boys
  38. KendaKenda
  39. Kisoda Crew
  40. Lipa Kwanza
  41. Mafuguli Gogo Team
  42. Marachi Republican Council
  43. Masaa soo
  44. Masenari
  45. Matakweri
  46. Mawaiyo
  47. Mayakuza
  48. Memory/Mbele yao Gang
  49. Mkuki
  50. Mossad
  51. Ngundu River Boys
  52. Nzoia Railway Gang
  53. Quick Response Group
  54. Rambo Kanambo
  55. Rangers FC
  56. Rounder senior
  57. Sanfit
  58. Sarogeza
  59. Seven Lions
  60. Sikujui
  61. Sixty Four
  62. Smart
  63. Smarter
  64. Spanish Boys
  65. Super Power
  66. SWAT
  67. Taliban Boys
  68. Tek Mateko
  69. Temeke
  70. Taicha Group
  71. Vietnam
  72. Vijana wa Labour
  73. Wajukuu wa Bibi
  74. Wakali Pili
  75. Wakali Wao
  76. Wasasi
  77. Watalia
  78. Watoto wa Kambete
  79. Ya Moto
  80. Young Killers
  81. Young Mulas
  82. Young Turks

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