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January 20, 2019

Use witchcraft to win and we’ll ban you from church – clerics

Interdenominational clergy from Embu at Gakwegori NICA church in Embu Town on November 14 2016
Interdenominational clergy from Embu at Gakwegori NICA church in Embu Town on November 14 2016

Embu clergymen say wizards are set to make a killing in the polls and have have pledged to excommunicate politicians who use witchcraft to win.

They made the announcement on Monday during an interdenominational meeting under the Embu Bishops’ and Pastors’ Fellowship. The meeting was held at Gakwegori Mwamba Imara NICA Church

More than 15 clergymen, led chairman Bishop Silvanus Njeru of the Full Gospel Churches of Kenya, said wizards get rich during a killing during the elections period.

“Many Embu politicians are notorious for using witchcraft. They seek help from wizards for protection against bewitching by their adversaries and to boost their political strength by wooing more voters to their camp,” he said.

The church leaders said some politicians will stop at nothing to win elections. The clergymen urged politicians to turn to the church for prayers instead.

“We will not watch as politicians turn to cults, diviners and sorcerers for help to win votes,” Njeru said.

In a statement read by the fellowship secretary Bishop John Gacungi, the clergymen said, “It might be difficult to identify who visits sorcerers but we will make sure any politician named in connection with witchcraft is publicly shamed and Christians should to reject him.”

They clerics said they will hold interdenominational prayers to cast out spells binding the electorate to certain politicians.

They urged politicians to avoid using negative ethnicity to divide residents.

They also warned politicians against inviting sections of residents to their homes to incite them against perceived “enemy’ tribes”.

“The church will not condone such segregation of its followers,” Gacungi said. Bishop Njeru Nyaga of the National Independent Church of Africa said politicians will not be allowed to campaign in church.


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