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February 18, 2019

Candy Empire launch new app targetting movie shops, bars and eateries

NikoHub mobile application.
NikoHub mobile application.

Candy Empire has launched a new mobile application aimed at centralising entertainment with other essential services.

The app, dubbed NikoHub, targets among others; restaurants, bars and movie shops, as it seeks at expanding delivery services and helping the small-scale entrepreneurs reach new markets.

According to Candy Empire CEO Joe Kariuki, positive developments in Information Technology around the world has brought in a need to advance how people operate.

He says: "Advancement in IT has brought in advantageous challenges to lifestyle and the way people transact their businesses.

"At Candy Empire, we've learned that ordering a drink or meal are two very different experiences, but felt that there was a need for both to have their own home.

"And that's why NikoHub was developed."

He adds, "With the stand-alone app, people can find and order for their favourite food, movies and drinks in the comfort of their couch at home or at the office."

He says that once you download the app, you will be able to get ideas and suggestions of places to wine and dine, "either through social networking or from recommendations of nearby places through a push experience format that showcases actual images shared by the user community."

New upcoming restaurants, movie shops, bars and wines and spirits outlets will also be given a platform to introduce themselves and their services to a wider market, he says.

Kariuki adds that NikoHub has been enrolled to ensure "easy and quick access of your favorites" while still maintaining the quality.

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