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February 16, 2019

US donates Sh1.5 billion to fight terror in Kenya

US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec  with Lamu Governor Issa Timammy at the governor's office on November 10. /ALPHONCE GARI
US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec with Lamu Governor Issa Timammy at the governor's office on November 10. /ALPHONCE GARI

The USA government has released Sh1.5 billion to Kenya to assist in war on terror.

The announcement was made by US ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec.

Godec said his government was also partnering with affected counties like Lamu in a move aimed at bringing insecurity and terrorism to an end.

Speaking during the commissioning of the Lamu-American space, a library sponsored by the American government at the Mwana Arafa hotel in Lamu island, Godec lauded efforts made by the government in restoring security, peace, and calm in the country. 

Godec who is also in Lamu to attend the ongoing Lamu Cultural Festival said he had experienced calm and peace for the two days he has been in the county.

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He also said the US government had also donated USD10,000 (Sh1 million) towards this year’s Lamu cultural fete.

"I am humbled to be in Lamu for the cultural festival. The event is not only aiding the economy of this region but also brings about unity of the Lamu people, Kenyans and the entire world," Godec said.

"I have also enjoyed the security in Lamu. This brings out the efforts that the Kenyan government is really working hard on matters security. We shall continue partnering with the government in ensuring Lamu and the whole nation is well secured," he said. 

Lamu governor Issa Timamy acknowledged the existence of a cordial relationship between the American government and Kenya.

He said Lamu county had greatly benefited from America's support on security, education and cultural matters.

Timamy also lauded the French Embassy for lifting the travel advisory adding that the move had greatly boosted the confidence of visitors and even the residents themselves.

The Lamu Cultural Festival is an annual event which is celebrated to showcase the rich culture and heritage of Lamu’s Swahili people that has captivated the world for centuries.

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