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January 21, 2019

Samantha's Chronicles: Break from drama

This is nice. I’m really enjoying myself. Nothing grandiose happening, I’m just hanging out with a guy and being… normal. 

I haven’t done this in a while. My blackmailing schemes have, unfortunately, kept me on my toes; my guard constantly up because, well, that type of life is anything but normal. But this afternoon, just once, I get to sit with Eric and forget briefly all the madness that has become my life. I ran into him outside my bank after dashing there to deposit the cheques the VIP had given me.

He suggested lunch, so here we are. We have ordered chicken and are trading work stories as we await our meal. Eric is hilarious and has me laughing in minutes. 

“So the other day, these passengers are supposedly asleep on a long-haul flight, but as one of the flight attendants passes by, she notices the female passenger is lying on the guy’s lap and has covered her head with a blanket,” he tells me. “The man is trying to look like he’s asleep but from his expression, there is clearly something going on.”

“Oh dear! How daring! Were they…?” I ask. 

He nods. “There was some rhythmic movement of her head, some things cannot be disguised.”

“Wow! Really! On a plane? Blowing the trumpet and making all sorts of music?” I ask. 

“It’s strange, everyone tries to do these crazy acts on a plane and thinks no one will notice but we always do!” Eric says, grinning. 

“So? What happened?” I ask. “Did the flight attendant interfere?” 

“No, she let it slide, but when the lady tried to hand her the blanket a few minutes before landing, the flight attendant told her she should keep it for her next flight.” 

“Ha ha! Seriously? That’s throwing some serious shade.” I say. 

“Yes, she looked quite embarrassed. Especially because the attendants collected everyone else’s blankets,” he adds.

“And the guy?” I ask. 

“Apparently he just had some sheepish expression on his face,” he answered.

“It must be so interesting, the life of a pilot,” I say.

“Not really. The flight attendants tell us the stories. We can’t really catch all these interesting things happening when we are stuck in the cockpit,” he says wryly. 

“Interesting choice of words under the circumstances — cockpit,” I respond with a grin. 

“Ha ha ha,” Eric laughs out loud and looks genuinely amused. “You naughty girl! You always did have a wonderful sense of humour,” he says. 

I smile. Eric and I have such an easy camaraderie.  I’m really glad I bumped into him. 

“I want to see you more often,” he says. “When can we have dinner?” he asks. 

I shift in my chair and look at him over the rim of my glass. I take my time to answer as I sip on my beverage. I’m having sparkling water and lemon, a nice break from all the alcohol I’m always consuming. As nice as this is, I’m not sure this is the best time to get distracted. I have to finish the journey I’ve started with GG and The Prude. I also have to terminate my pregnancy at some point. This is just not the right time to focus on Eric. 

“I’m pretty busy at the moment. There’s something we’re working on at work,” I say.  “But I promise to let you know once things ease up.” 

He arches a sardonic brow. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were blowing me off,” he says. 

“As if!” I respond. 

The food finally comes, just in time to save me from saying more. 




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