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December 12, 2018

Elephant tramples tourist to death at Tsavo National Park

Elephants at the Tsavo National Park./FILE
Elephants at the Tsavo National Park./FILE

An Italian tourist was trampled to death by an elephant on Sunday while taking pictures of the animal at Swara Camp, Kulalu ranch within Tsavo National Park.

Police said Fernando Mocclola, 66, spotted the elephant at a watering point a few meters from the camp and curiously moved closer to take pictures when the animal attacked him.

Fernando was with his wife when the incident happened. 

Police said the wife had warned him against going too close to the elephant but he tricked by going to his room.

He later sneaked out of his room without taking his breakfast at around 10am and went looking for the elephant.

Fernando started capturing photos of the jumbo oblivious of the fact that he had moved too close. The agitated jumbo charged at Fernando as other guests watched in disbelief.

Malindi police boss Muchangi  Mutava  said the tourist succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment at a Malindi hospital.

His body is lying at the Malindi hospital mortuary awaiting an autopsy.

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