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February 21, 2019

Samantha's Chronicles: No split of the loot

GG has just walked out on me, totally unfazed by my threats to keep what he thinks is his baby. Well. That didn’t go very well. The waitress returns. She pours another glass of wine.

“Is everything ok?” she asks, clearly wondering why I’ve been abandoned by my date.

“Yes, everything is fine, thank you,” I respond.

I’m not sure what to do. I should probably leave but I stay rooted to my chair. It’s a weird feeling, when you think you’re going to make a whole load of cash and you are so close… Then it eludes you. How freaking frustrating! The fact that this scam worked earlier is little consolation. Greed: Intense and selfish desire for something.

My phone rings. It’s Mr N. This time I answer.

Me: Hello?

Mr N: You are a hard girl to reach.

Me: Yes, well…

Mr N: How did it go?

I lean back in my chair, happy to share my humiliation with someone. My partner in crime is as good as anyone, I suppose.

Me: GG has just walked out on me. He’s calling my bluff.

Mr N: Really? Interesting…

Me: He said that he’s not the type of guy to be blackmailed and walked out.

Mr N. Interesting.

Me: Is that all you’re going to say?

Mr N: You made the threat about telling his wife?

Me: Yes.

Mr N: Interesting.

Me: Very limited vocabulary we’re having today…

Mr N: I need to think about this. I didn’t expect that.

I take a sip of my wine. I might as well keep myself occupied while he comes up with a different word than ‘interesting’. The lounge has emptied out. I’m alone save for one couple.

Mr N: How about the VIP?

You might recall that the CS crumbled before my eyes and agreed to pay everything I asked for. He wrote out three cheques for me that are sitting in my bag at this moment. But why should I tell Mr N? The way I see it, the VIP will never speak about this to anyone. If I tell him, I will have to split the money. If I say nothing, I get to keep it all. It’s a no-brainer.  There’s no honour among thieves.

Me: It was worse. Much worse. He threatened to have me arrested.

Mr N: What?

Me: I’m not sure I should have gotten tangled up in this. I could go to jail!

Mr N: I’m so sorry, Samantha. I know these guys well. I never for a minute thought they wouldn’t pay up. 

There is an awkward silence. He’s thinking about how he underestimated his friends and I’m thinking how naïve he is to just take my word for it.

Me: So what do we do now?

Mr N: Leave the VIP alone for now. That’s too risky. But stir up the waters with GG.

Me: How?

Mr N: I know someone who works for Mpasho news. Let’s send a cautionary salvo. 

Me: What will it say?

Mr N: Read it tomorrow.

I remove a few notes from the wad of cash GG gave me and pay the bill. It’s time to go. I leave a hefty tip. The service has been good. All in all, this has been a pretty productive day. I made 2,050,000.

Tomorrow, I will read about what Mr N comes up with for his friend. It’s sad really, what people you are close to can do to you. Mr N has set up these men. And for what? A few millions? He is rich! For me, it’s a fortune that I will never get my hands on. For him, its peanuts. So why do it?


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