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December 11, 2018

Rasanga has failed, Midiwo says, to name choice Siaya governor in December

Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo. /FILE
Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo. /FILE

Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo has criticised Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga for poor leadership and said he will name his preferred candidate for the post in December.

Midiwo said on Sunday that Rasanga had failed as a leader entrusted with the county's money and accused him of publicly using abusive language to refer to counterparts.

The MP was referring to Rasanga's remarks at a funeral on Saturday, said to have been aimed at those opposed to his administration.

The Governor reportedly said: "Some illiterate leaders in Siaya have consistently been alleging that I am stealing from county coffers yet they have never presented evidence to concerned authorities. Or did l steal their mothers?."

Midiwo complained against the "insults" saying they indicated the Governor had failed.

"It is for that reason that I am thinking of backing a candidate to unseat Rasanga in the next general election," he said.

"As a leader, I cannot entertain someone we entitled with managing county resources and billions, yet who stoops so low as to abuse MCAs and MPs."

He said he will reveal the name of the candidate on December 17, the date of his mother's memorial service.

Midiwo could name Senator James Orengo, who enjoys a large following for championing Kenyans' rights and his efforts to sanitise the political arena.

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But Rasanga told those calling him a "thief to table evidence or shut their mouths forever". He said they were maligning his name with false accusations.

The Governor further asked his accusers to "divert the energy towards service delivery".

He told his competitors to prepare for a fierce battle in 2017 saying he will defend his seat at all costs.

Rasanga is banking on his good relations with the Odinga family.

 But Midiwo differed with his nominated counterpart Oburu Oginga on the Governor's leadership saying he was sinking the county to its lowest ebb.



They spoke at Saint Stephen Ogoye ACK Church in Bondo.

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