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November 21, 2018

British company eyes a share in Kenyan's smartphone market

Wileyfox storm device. /COURTESY
Wileyfox storm device. /COURTESY
Large batteries, large screen and high-end resolutions are becoming the norm in people looking for smartphones nowadays. Affordability too is key in most African markets for instance Kenya. 
 Wileyfox Storm is a British brand flagship handset aiming to offer high-end specs for a knock-down price. 
The device weighs 156g, making it among the lightest smartphones in Kenya. Plastic is the material used in design, but the rear is covered in a slightly textured cover to improve on its grip. 
The top of the device holds a 3.5mm headphone jack which is standard among most smartphones.
The left side of the Storm houses the microSD/microSIM slot which can hold cards up to 128GB.
The microSD card tray can also be used to house an extra microSIM card, giving the Storm dual-SIM capability. 
At the bottom of the device is the micro USB port for charging and data transfer.
The right side of the Storm is home to two clicky and thin buttons i.e the volume rocker, and the power button just below it. 
Above the 5.5-inch 1080p screen are the speaker, the 8MP selfie snapper and a single front-facing flash. The 8mp camera is quite good considering it has been backed up by the flash. The rear camera is 20.0 MP giving the user a unique experience in photography. Its viewing angles are great, with the camera performing well in bright light without bringing out reflections in pictures taken under direct sunlight. 
One thing the Storm does have going for it is that it’s durable.The gorilla glass and the plastic front offer a sort of anti-scratch protection hence you will not have a lot of harm done to the phone even after dropping it. 
It features 4G LTE which is fast hence the internet lovers are sure of a great performance. This is boosted by its 3GB RAM which enhances its speed and the phone does not hang during usage. 
Thanks to running Cyanogen OS, the Storm is one of the best mid-range smartphones. It is fast compared to other devices at the given price range.However, the phone has some few downs. The battery for instance which is a 2500mAh, is quite low.
You cannot use the device throughout the day without recharging it. If you are the person who loves installing many applications on your phone, then beware that you might have to juice up the battery after six hours or so.
In my battery drain test, the battery managed to last for approximately 7 hours with all applications running and continual usage of the camera. 
The phone goes for ksh29,000 in the market which is higher than its sister the wileyfox swift. However the manufacturers need to include in more features to the phone if they are to remain with the current price.
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