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February 22, 2019

Online shopping site Kilimall partners with Fargo Courier

Online retailer Kilimall wants a bigger share of the e-commerce market's growth spurt by providing door to door delivery through a partnership with Fargo Courier.

The logistics and courier arm of Wells Fargo Ltd, with a nationwide network of over 100 locations, has an automated track and trace system updating buyers with real time parcel details and is expected to reach the growing demand for flexibility on delivery.  “Fargo Courier provides door-to-door services to most locations in the country and is well fitted to provide the support required by Kilimall online shopping mall, in meeting the increasing demand for door-to-door delivery,” said Kilimall Kenya marketing director Larry Liu.

This new partnership comes as a result of the increase in number of shoppers on the Kilimall website, both in Nairobi and other towns. The retailer eyes increased market share currently at two per cent compared to rival Jumia which has 27 per cent. “The success of online retail will depend on ability to fulfill orders particularly on a door-to-door basis,” said Liu.

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