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January 22, 2019

Lady Bee opens up and reveals she is a widow

Lady Bee.
Lady Bee.

Lady Bee has revealed something very intimate about herself. She has highlighted the stigma associated with single mothers while explaining that she was widowed at a very young age.

The gospel star who is popular thanks to her beautiful soulful songs like Matunda, Nakiri and Kila Goti has been a single mother for the longest time. The singer has come out to highlight her struggle as a widow after her baby daddy passed on when her daughter was still a little tot.


Lady Bee has posted a beautiful message to all single mothers out there who feel like giving up due to societal stigma. She also reveals that God has provided for her and her daughter who is now pursuing a degree in one of the local Universities.

Lady Bee posted this message on her Facebook page

"I gave birth to this princess at a very young age,and those days if your pregnate and your young you became the talk of the town,parents used to warn their children to not associate themselves with such girls and you become an outcast..Everyday I thank God for He has good plans for everyone,my life had nothing to do with my daughter's,I thought about food,cloths,school fees,I was so anxious about everything what will happen with our lives?? but God provided in a very special way,the dad passed when she was about to join class 1 but i din't know that My God is the Father of the fatherless.Today my princess is at the univesity glory to God..You might be reading this and you feel like giving up because of many things around your life,your life is in a mess nothing is making sence.God's ways are so diffrent from our ways,as long as you dont loose hope,your testimony is coming,God is not a favorism God He will make a way for you too for the glory of His Mighty NameI love you my princess @forever__yvonne God has brought us this far glory to His Mighty NameYour a blessing to me and our family,keep shining my love," Lady Bee wrote.

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