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February 20, 2019

Hot Frenchmen have too much ammo for the Portuguese

Portugal Vs France Sunday 10pm

My Prediction: Les Bleus 3-1 A Seleccao

The Euro 2016 final is what everyone is looking forward to this weekend and we know it’s going to be electrifying! 

I should add here that you need to join us at the Impala Grounds to watch the game live on the biggest screen in the country; courtesy of Bamba Sport and Radio Jambo! 

That aside; Portugal won their first match in regular time at this tournament on Wednesday when they beat Wales 2-0 in the semi final. 

My main man Cristiano Ronaldo really impressed me with a goal and an assist; and I think we haven’t seen the best of him just yet. And it’s not just Ronaldo who is on fire for Portugal. 

Nani stepped up on Thursday as well to solidify that win over Wales; not to mention Renato Sanches who is having a pretty special tournament despite not being a 90 minute player.

 The challenge comes in; in that they are facing hosts France Sunday. France are at home and firing on all cylinders. Not only do they have a good record playing at home – having won the World Cup on home soil in 1998 and the Euros at home in 2000 – they also overcame the German machine to get here. 

We all know that the World Champions are an outfit to fear and France showed little fear during their semi final on Thursday; especially after going ahead through the Antoine Griezmann penalty. 

German clearly dominated that game and for those who like to say “the best team lost” I would be inclined to agree with you to some extent; but not fully. 

Not fully because the aim of any game is to score goals and the winner is he who scores more. France did. Yes they were on the back foot for much of the first half but their confidence grew in the second half and they gave us a good game. The last few minutes of course were all Germany but the French showed why they deserve to win these Euros by holding on. Didier Deschamps has adequate talent in his squad and the fact is that Germany was the toughest game for them in this competition so far. As much as I respect Portugal, I don’t think they will provide much of a challenge for France; on condition Les Bleus do not underestimate them. This is a final; both teams deserve to be here; so as long as France give Portugal the respect that they have earned; then Les Bleus can consider themselves European Champions!

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