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February 19, 2019

Fashion meets functionality with the new Infinix XBand

The Infinix XBand smart watch. EUGENE OKUMU
The Infinix XBand smart watch. EUGENE OKUMU

The wearable technology segment of the Kenyan tech market previously dominated by traditional manufacturers is set to become the next brand supremacy frontier with the entry of the Infinix XBand smart watch.

Chinese manufacturer Infinix more known for its smartphones has joined a growing list of other brands supplying the smart watches that are complementary to smartphones.

The display on the smart band is fashioned in the form factor of a Bluetooth receiver. It is detachable from the main frame doubling up as a Bluetooth receiver.

The device is crafted in premium space magnesium alloy; the bracelet body is finely processed with a polished metallic texture.

The smart band is water resistant up to a depth of 50m, as well as being shock and vibration proof.

The XB01, which is its model number, allows you to play music stored on the device or any other Bluetooth enabled devices such as audio stereo system within up to 30 feet of range.

The device enables wireless synchronization; it allows you to easily sync your device with the smart band whereby you can view caller ids as they appear on your contact list and also get to control your smart phone remotely with features like the call and SMS notification.

The smart watch helps to improve your physical fitness with health monitoring tools with movement from walking to running and it allows users to plan and achieve their fitness goals. For those into sports, the X-band offers exciting features whether you are a sprinter, golfer or cyclist.

The gadget features a digital display screen, which shows time, date and other notifications. The screen is Ultra thin with smart touch.

It comes with a 100mAh battery that has 150hours standby time and about 8 hours talk time.

The gadget is quite fashionable and appealing when combined with other colors. It will be available in two color variants, black and brown and cost will be between KSH 7,000 and KSH9,000.

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