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February 20, 2019

 There are hidden risks in the Uhuru-Ruto covenant

Uhuru, Ruto
Uhuru, Ruto

There is an ongoing serious debate on the question, “After Uhuru, who will take the leadership of Central Kenya?” Right now there is general agreement that the leadership of Central Kenya is in the hands of Uhuru Kenyatta.

He is our unquestioned leader in this respect, since he is President. As for who should take over from him, some people believe that there is some sort of covenant that Central Kenya’s support will pass on to the current Deputy President, William Ruto, as the person whom the region will support for the Presidency, and who will in turn look into Central Kenya’s regional interests.

Obviously Kikuyus would want one of their own to be close to William Ruto, if indeed he were to become President: A kind of president-inwaiting who would be in a position to also seek the Presidency himself, when Ruto ceases to hold the office.

And obviously there is a certain amount of jostling for position, and a feeling that this agreement cannot be taken for granted. Or, for that matter, if indeed this agreement is valid, and will indeed lead the entire community to support Ruto. So this question of the future top leadership in Central Kenya is not decided. Right now, we do not have anyone other than Uhuru who occupies that high status, and who people can consult and who can guide them.

We do not have a clear second-in-command to serve while Uhuru is there, who may then be a first-in-command for the region, when Uhuru ceases to be President. How this matter is going to play out is very difficult to foresee, because there are different people who are saying very different things.

In the time of Jomo Kenyatta, there was an arrangement wherein Kenyatta supported Moi, because Moi had not only supported Jomo Kenyatta, but even supported the settlement of Kikuyus in the Rift Valley. But later on, during the latter days of the Moi Presidency, when Moi’s leadership was challenged by Kikuyu leaders, that came with the infamous clashes, which cost the whole country dearly.

Right now there is not much debate on how these things will play out in the long run.  ere are people who feel that this contract, this covenant between Ruto and Uhuru is not arguable; not debatable; it has been agreed and it must be made to work – or there will be consequences.  is makes the entire thing quite risky.

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