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December 17, 2018

Aqeel holds Iftar dinner for Islamic finance industry players

CBK chairman Muhammed Nyaoga.
CBK chairman Muhammed Nyaoga.

Aqeel Consulting Limited played host at an Iftar dinner for Islamic finance industry players at the Intercontinental Hotel over the weekend.

The dinner unveiled a team to deliberate on the modalities of forming an Association for Islamic Finance in Kenya has been unveiled. 

Kenya is the first country in East Africa to introduce Islamic Finance, with two full-fledged Islamic banks in First Community and Gulf Africa. Four conventional banks are now offering Sharia compliant and services and products through Islamic windows.

The country also boast of one stand alone Sharia-compliant insurance company, Takaful.

Among those in attendance were Takaful Insurance of Africa Group CEO Hassan Bashir, Aqeel director Abdullatif Essajee, CBK board chairman Mohammed Nyaoga and KCB's head of Islamic Banking Jaafar Abdulkadir.

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