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December 10, 2018

Beauty loves company

My blackmailing scheme is now on target number three. GG has been successfully seduced. So has the VIP. The Prude strutting over to his horse right now is next on the list. Almost there, Samantha, almost there. I intend to lie to each of them that I’m carrying their child. They will each need to part with Sh2 million for me to agree to have an abortion. Mr N keeps half. That’s the scam. 

If anyone requires proof of the pregnancy, that’s fine. I actually am with child. Mr N is the father. Maybe. It might also be Frank’s kid. Oh, my long-suffering fiancé Frank, whom Mr N knows nothing about. It doesn’t matter who the father is. I’m not keeping it. The only reason I’m still pregnant is to scam all these men I’m seducing who were chosen because a scandal like this one will destroy them. 

They won’t ask for DNA tests. They will want me and the kid to disappear as quickly as possible. Pay up, they definitely will. That’s why Mr N gets half. He handpicked them. He knows them all well, they’re his friends. All this was his idea because I played the same scam on him and he paid up. And now we’re partners in crime. Bonnie and Clyde.

I send him a text message: ‘At polo, wish me luck with number 3!’

He doesn’t respond.

One of the players the Prude introduced me to earlier joins me. “You’re not playing?” I ask.

He shakes his head. “Not today,” he says. “There’s a beautiful girl on the stands who needs company.”

I blush. This summer dress was a great idea!

“Besides, you look like you need a live commentary! Any idea what’s going on?” he asks.

I look at the field and see two teams with four players on opposite sides.

“I assume they’re about to start hitting a ball with a stick?” I ask coyly.

“It’s a bit more complicated than that,” he says with a delighted chuckle. “Man and horse work in partnership to get the ball through to goal. That ball can travel at speeds of up to 177kph; it can get very dangerous. It’s an adrenaline rush unlike any other. Both beautiful and brutish to watch.”

“What are the rules?” I ask as an official begins the match with a throw-in.

“The line of the ball is a Right of Way established by the path of a travelling ball,” he tells me. “It occurs when a player has the line of the ball on his right; the player who struck the ball last has right of way. See that?”

He points to the Prude, who has broken away with the ball. There is another player riding alongside him but is not hindering the Prude’s progress. Gavin’s job as umpire, it would appear, is to look out for the right of way and the line of the ball.

The Prude scores! There’s a flagman stationed behind the goal waving his flag vigorously.

“What’s happening? Has it been disallowed?” I ask.

“No,” he says. “On the contrary, he has to do that until he receives acknowledgment from the score keeper.”

“So it’s a goal?” I ask excitedly. He nods with a smile.

I yelp and stand up to applaud the Prude.

“Now, you’re getting the hang of it,” the player says. “With a little more enthusiasm than expected.”

I blush again. “What happens now?” I ask.

“Well, the teams will change ends. They do so after every goal is scored to account for any wind advantage.”

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