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February 18, 2019

Why I pick Atletico over Real

Atletico Madrid
Atletico Madrid

Apart from the Euro 2016 Final this is arguably the most prestigious football match this year! The biggest football stars in the world play in Europe and the most in form clubs in the world meet in the Champions League Final. Zinedine Zidane Vs Diego Simeone; it doesn’t get better than this. Both managers were phenomenal players though Zizou has one up on Simeone as a football player but as managers it’s Zizou who appears to take a more laid off approach to managing.

While Simeone is clearly hands on and very passionate when you see him on the side-lines, Zizou is the complete opposite. Probably because Zizou knows he has some of the best players in the world who don’t need to be named; while Simeone has some of the most passionate players in the world. I love this match up because it’s indicative of what passion, focus and commitment can achieve versus talent. There’s no doubt that Barcelona and Bayern Munich have a more talented collection of players than Atletico; but it’s Atletico who find themselves facing Real in this final. Two years ago Real Madrid thought it would be child’s play and I’m sure they were shocked that it took them extra time to win the tournament. This time around they won’t be so complacent! As Cristiano Ronaldo said this week; winning the Champions League would be more important that Barcelona’s double; and I agree! The Whites had a good run towards the end of the La Liga season and it was unfortunate that they missed out on the title; but a marathon needs you to be at your best throughout the season! Emotionally I would love an upset here because I respect Simeone and his achievements so much; but I’m not sure he’ll hack it! But then again few people gave him a chance against Barcelona and Bayern. I think I’m going to go crazy here and say that Simeone and his team know that they’ve been given a second shot at the prestigious Champions League title. And just like Jose Mourinho upset the form book when he won the title with Porto; I’m banking… only just… on an Atletico victory! My Prediction: Real Madrid 1-2 Atletico Madrid

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