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January 21, 2019

Exclusive tasting party for Women who love whisky

Amani Institute's Carla Vaz with Freyja Oddsdottir.
Amani Institute's Carla Vaz with Freyja Oddsdottir.

Global Singleton Ambassador, Georgie Bell held an exclusive tasting for members of the female whiskey club “Women who Whiskey”. The club which consists of both amateur and whiskey connoisseurs, were taken through tastings of the Singleton whiskey range available in Kenya.

 As part of the experience, various serves of Singleton of Dufftown- 12yrs, Tailfire, Sunray were presented to the women for tasting. Georgie educated the enthusiast on the processes in which the whisky is made, and the diverse manner in which Singleton can be consumed.

In attendance were The Hunger Project M&E director Megan Colnar, Women who whisky president Katherine Lieu, Eabl head of spirits Samdhya Padmanabhan. 

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