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February 23, 2019

It's a pity Devils have been reduced to this but they are tipped to win

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal during the Swansea City v Manchester United Barclays Premier League game  at Liberty Stadium, August 30, 2015. Photo/REUTERS
Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal during the Swansea City v Manchester United Barclays Premier League game at Liberty Stadium, August 30, 2015. Photo/REUTERS

Crystal Palace Vs Manchester United Today 7:30pm,

My Prediction: Eagles........1 Red Devils..........3

I know that the FA Cup is a very important piece of silverware in England but I never thought a day would come when for Manchester United, it would be the most important thing in the world and the only piece of silverware they would be chasing.

In the past it’s usually been a bonus for them after winning the league or the Champions League but now it stands between them and a rather dismal season. Louis Van Gaal thinks that winning it would save his job but I think the ship sailed a long time ago.

He’s been given two seasons to ‘fix United’ and yet everything is still broken.

He does have a couple of special players he bought or introduced, who have sort of saved him face this season like Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, but he really should have done better. On this game, I must say Wayne Rooney appears to be reclaiming his position as the force behind Man United.

I was impressed by his performance in their final game of the season and if he finds the right manager to work with, he could be back to his old self by the start of next season.

His performance will definitely be influential in this game. Alan Pardew’s Crystal Palace, meanwhile, will have a tough time keeping the young kids and Rooney from scoring. They don’t have the best defence in the world which means they’re likely to commit many players right in front of their goalkeeper.

The problem with this is that they will never score and United will just need one mistake to go ahead. is is a Cup tournament and as we say every year, anything can happen.

After all, both teams came a long way to get here; but I still believe United have the edge.

My heart would really love a Palace win but my head tells me Red Devils have this. But then again; my sanity has been questioned often.

Barcelona Vs Sevilla, Tomorrow 10:30pm,

My Prediction: Barca.....3 Sevilla.....1

I think I’m going to pay a lot more attention to Spanish football next season. Sevilla are fresh from winning the Europa Cup while Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will face off in next weekend’s Champions League final. But back to Sevilla and the fact that they seem to be doing something right.

They didn’t do too well in La Liga, finishing a paltry seventh but they have won the Europa Cup and find themselves in the Copa Del Rey final.

They have found a way to play European football and win silverware without necessarily doing well in the league. It’s smart in a weird sort of way.

Focusing on the competitions that do not require you to do well in 38 matches! But they won’t have an easy time here.

Barcelona may have strangely found themselves out of the Champions League, thanks to fellow La Liga boys Atletico but they have won La Liga and still have the strongest club team in the world and the most lethal attack. I find matches between league clubs interesting because there is no fear between the two teams but in this one; I think Sevilla should be afraid.

They gave everything in Basel to see off Liverpool while Barcelona was resting and preparing for this match. MSN— Messi, Suarez and Neymar will have no mercy here and it’s one match that I’ll bet on the Catalans knowing that I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank at full time.

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