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January 24, 2019

As a Gooner I don't Accept Second Best

Football Soccer - Arsenal v Leicester City - Barclays Premier League - Emirates Stadium - 14/2/16 Arsenal's Olivier Giroud in action with Leicester's N'Golo Kante
Football Soccer - Arsenal v Leicester City - Barclays Premier League - Emirates Stadium - 14/2/16 Arsenal's Olivier Giroud in action with Leicester's N'Golo Kante

I’m ashamed of my fellow Gooners! Have we gone through such hard times that we have come to accept average as excellence

The way some of you celebrated us finishing above Tottenham was a total embarrassment! I was disappointed! Flabbergasted!

Mind-boggled (if there is such a word) I couldn’t believe that you were celebrating finishing above Spurs when it’s something the boys have done for more than two decades?

Yes it was last minute but it isn’t unusual! And so Arsenal finished second; another position that has eluded us for years; but second to who? To Leicester?

To a team that was fighting relegation just a year ago? If we had been second to a big club that we knew had invested in coaches and players; the it wouldn’t have been so bad; but we were second in a season that we should have won.

In my view; second was one position below the line; one position below the title and that wasn’t good enough for me! If our boss Arsene Wenger couldn’t win this one; then why would we expect him to win in future seasons when the Man City’s and Man United’s of this world have fixed their problem and got their forms back on track?

If anything; it will be a long time; perhaps another twelve years before big clubs will let their guards down and give a team like Leicester another chance.

And it the process; give a team like Arsenal another chance. So we’re now eyeing N'Golo Kanté who would be a magical addition to the side but we still need to actually sign him – not eye him – and we still need a world class striker.

I can’t that after the dismal five months of 2016 that Olivier Giroud has given us that there are fans saying he is spectacular because he scored a hatrick on the last day of the season – against a team that was relegated more than a month ago!

The sign of a world class striker is one who can get goals under pressure; but Giroud only performs when there is no pressure!

How utterly useless for us! Wenger recently said the Giroud scores in phases; which is okay when he isn’t the number one striker; but he is; so he needs to score more often.

The season isn’t played in phases; it is played weekly from August to May and our top striker needs to be at the top of his game for that entire period!

Now since Wenger isn’t going anywhere just yet; I intend to face next season with very little expectation because I know what lies ahead.

We will finish in the top four and more importantly “above Spurs!” We will play in the Champions League and maybe; just maybe get to the quarter finals; although it’s more likely that we’ll be eliminated in the round of sixteen.

Wenger has never won the League Cup so let me forget about that; but oh! We may just win the Cup fit for a team like ours – The FA Cup!

I’m a Gooner and will remain a Gooner long after the likes of Wenger leaves – even if it’s retirement that sees him go; but that doesn’t mean that I have to accept second best!

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