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February 22, 2019

Samantha Chronicles: Seducing a faithful man

GG down. VIP down. I’m ready for guy number three. I have met Mr N at a local restaurant for my briefing. 

“So, he’s normal?” he asks yet again about the VIP. 

“Yes, for the millionth time, yes,” I say. “Can we please drop it now?” 

He does, albeit reluctantly and starts to tell me about my third target. His lips are moving but I’m finding it hard to focus on what he is saying. My mind is on the VIP. The idea of jumping into bed with someone else right now is simply not appealing to me. 

“We’re halfway there, just two more to go,” Mr N says. 

“Can I have a short break?” I ask. 

“No, time is not on our side,” he responds. “You need to terminate that pregnancy soon.” 

I touch my belly and recall how this all begun. I’m pregnant with Mr N’s kid. Although, truth be told it might also be Frank’s. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, I tried to blackmail Mr N, who paid me what I wanted to have a termination but he thought that it was a pretty effective way of making some cash, so we are engaged in a scheme that involves entrapment of his friends. Four of them he has hand-picked because he knows their characters and ability to pay me hush money. We plan on blackmailing each of them for Sh2 million a piece. When it’s over, we both walk away with half. 

It’s pretty straightforward. I just need to lie to each of them that the baby is theirs, but something is not adding up. Mr N is a very wealthy guy. This is peanuts for him. Why is he doing it? I decide to voice my thoughts.

“I know why I’m doing this. Sh4 million is a lot of money for a girl like me. But what’s your motivation?” I ask him. 

He looks at me and smiles. 

“You don’t miss anything, do you?” he asks.  

“Well?” I ask. 

“Don’t worry about my motives. Just concern yourself with seducing our third target.” 

So he won’t tell me. I’m not surprised. Mr N always plays his cards close to his chest. The third target is a well-known businessman. He is a very wealthy self-made man that has worked and scrapped for everything he has. He is known for being faithful to his wife and a pillar of society. He won’t be easy. 

“I’ve heard of him. He doesn’t cheat on his wife,” I say. 

Mr N laughs. “Anyone can be seduced, Samantha. And yes, he is terrified of his wife. That’s why he will pay up.” 

I still look unconvinced. “He is a deeply insecure man, despite all his bravado. All you have to do is play up to his ego. He will sleep with you,” he concludes. 

A challenge. Well, after the playboy and the hermaphrodite, what’s wrong with the challenge of a man who is never unfaithful? 

I go home and settle in to read The Art of Seduction by Robert Green. I easily find my third target in the pages. He is ‘The New Prude’. The book describes this seducer’s victim as a person who is excessively concerned with appearances and what society considers appropriate and acceptable behaviour, but deep down is intrigued by guilty, transgressive pleasures. Someone with a dangerous or naughty side will easily tempt the New Prude. 

So target number three, on face value, is the most pious of them all. But underneath all that perfection lies a man whose demons rage within. I just have to unlock them. 

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