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February 21, 2019

As much as I loathe the idea, Tottenham look certain to finish above Gunners


Arsenal Vs Aston Villa Sunday 5pm

My prediction: The Gunners 3-0 Villa

This is a weird sort of day because it’s the last day of the 2015/16 season and most teams are more or less in the positions that they will end the league in. The three teams going down to the Championship know who they are; Arsenal can still finish second, but it will be tough; Man United need a miracle to finish fourth; but it can happen.

All the same let me go through the motions and give my predictions which will be pretty obvious in most cases. Aston Villa were relegated nearly a month ago but they still managed to give Newcastle a tough time last weekend.

The players are marketing themselves so they are doing their best to succeed on an individual basis. That can work two ways. It can improve on the team because each player is at his best, but it could affect team work because each player wants to shine.

It doesn’t matter. Arsenal fans have a never say die attitude and hopefully the players will also see the prospect of finishing above Spurs as a reason to aim for the three points today. Danny Welbeck’s injury is more grave than we thought but Wenger wouldn’t start him anyway. It may be a chance for Joel Campbell to shine before the season closes.

Newcastle Vs Tottenham Sunday 5pm

My Prediction: The Magpies 1-2 Spurs

This is a tricky one too because again the Newcastle players will want to shine in the hope that another team may sign them but really it will be hard to stay motivated knowing they have already been relegated.

I’m sure Rafa Benitez will want to end his reign with the Magpies on a high and will tell his players to give their all; and it may just work in Arsenal’s favour.

Spurs also have second best to fight for. They can’t win the title but they can achieve their other most important goal – finishing above Arsenal.

I actually think that Benitez’s boys will give them a hard time. But with Harry Kane knowing that his golden boot could be snatched from under him by Sergio Aguero and Jamie Vardy; he will be at his best. As much as I would love a twist in this Arsenal Vs Spurs tale; unfortunately I think Spurs will hold onto their top spot.

Manchester United Vs Bournemouth Sunday 5pm

My Prediction: The Red Devils 3-1 Bournemouth

This is a walkover for Man United. Yeah I’m ending the season as a softie! As much as United have struggling through the season and particularly this week against West Ham; I don’t think they’ll falter against Bournemouth. But I don’t think it will be enough to secure them as Champions League spot. Pole sana.

Swansea Vs Manchester City Sunday 5pm

My Prediction: The Swans 1-4 The Citizens

Imagine Swansea has pulled some annoying surprises this season. In their last ten games they’ve beaten Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and West Ham; so they fear no-one!

But they will be playing a City side who seven days ago thought they would finish 5th but after their city rivals’ loss to the Hammers midweek; they’ve been given a second lease of life.

And I don’t believe they’ll mess it up! They can’t afford to. They are a good side with some of the best talent in the league; and Aguero really wants that golden boot. Pole Swansea; but your party is over!

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