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February 16, 2019

My fellow Gooners; Let's face it, we're insane!

Arsenal fans hold up a sign in protest against manager Arsene Wenger after West Ham United v Arsenal Barclays Premier League match at Upton Park, April 9, 2016. Photo/REUTERS
Arsenal fans hold up a sign in protest against manager Arsene Wenger after West Ham United v Arsenal Barclays Premier League match at Upton Park, April 9, 2016. Photo/REUTERS

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again; but expecting different results.

I would like to extend this to my fellow Gooners, as “insane fans” are those who see the same thing over and over again; expecting different results.

Yes I’ll get a lot of flack for saying that but it’s the truth! Not only do we have an insane manager; but the reason why critics and fans of other clubs find it so easy to make fun of us; is because we are insane fans.

Nothing has been done differently from the past 12 seasons – since we last won the premier league; but for some insane reason we really felt that this season was ours to lose.

Actually it was ours to lose and guess what; we lost it! But because we aren’t normal… guess what? Next season we’ll have similar expectations! And guess what?

As long as Arsene Wenger is still our insane Manager; we’re going to finish 4th again. This is all actually quite funny! After drawing with Sunderland I posted on social media how I wouldn’t even say “next season” this time around because Wenger would still be in charge.

I will start to say “next season” when Wenger indicates that he’s leaving. Right now his contract runs until the end of next season; and while there’s no guarantee that they won’t renew it; after seeing us struggle to finish 4th again next season; the club owners may just see that it’s time to say good-bye to him.

The big news on the Arsenal newsletter this week was that Jack Wilshere was thrilled to be back! Gee! I wonder what the big news in the Leicester newsletter was! That their only challenge had dropped points I bet giving them the chance to win the league this weekend!

The big news at Emirates as of today is that Alex Oxlade Chamberlain has trained for a full week and that Santi Cazorla may be in the line-up against Norwich this weekend. Wow!

And that’s what will be in next week’s newsletter; how pleased Cazorla was to play after many months on the sidelines.

I wonder what will be in Leicester newsletter next week. From fighting relegation this time last year to winning the league at Old Trafford? History is made! I wonder.

Right now I feel as if Arsenal; just like Chelsea or Liverpool; is just waiting for the season to end. There is nothing for Chelsea to play for so they’re just going through the motions.

Liverpool… well they are still fighting to finish 6th because that could be their ticket to Europa next season given that Man City has already won the League Cup.

Okay there is something for them to fight for but it’s an anti climax! And actually there is something for Arsenal to fight for given that Man United is just five points behind us with a game in hand.

But again I say what an anti climax to a season which somewhere along the way; my fellow insane Gooners and I felt could be the season that we finally win the league again.

Many fake fans have defected from Arsenal over the past seven days; I’ve seen their “transfer letters” on The Score Kenya facebook group; but I’ll stick with my Gunners through all this insanity; afterall it takes an insane person to know another right?

But like I said: see you all “the season after next!” Talk to me on @CarolRadull on twitter or

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