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July 18, 2018

Bill to protect MPs from prosecution and interference from the courts

Homa Bay town MP Peter Kaluma. Photo Robert Omollo
Homa Bay town MP Peter Kaluma. Photo Robert Omollo

The National Assembly is today expected to vote on a constitutional change, which if passed will give MPs immunity from prosecutions for any decisions they make during their tenure.

The Bill by Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma has gone through the second reading. It will also require presidential assent after the concurrence of the Senate, before it becomes law.

Other than shielding MPs from prosecutions, it also wants to block the judiciary from interfering with matters pending in parliamentary and county assemblies.

At the debate stage, 247 MPs voted to ensure it goes to the next stage. The Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act passed last year, also protects MPs from prosecution for any comment made on the floor of the House.

The proposed law says the judiciary will not be allowed to arbitrate in cases against MPs specifically filed to question the incompetence or illegalities of their actions in the course of their work.


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