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February 17, 2019

Mutua bans sexy adverts, betting and gambling from 5am to 10pm

Kenya Film Classification board CEO Ezekiel Mutua address the press at Uchumi House during the release of new guidelines for advertising content, April 19, 2016. Photo/COLLINS KWEYU
Kenya Film Classification board CEO Ezekiel Mutua address the press at Uchumi House during the release of new guidelines for advertising content, April 19, 2016. Photo/COLLINS KWEYU

All commercials relating to betting and gambling have been declared unsuitable for airing between 5am and 10pm.

But the Kenya Film Classification Board said this will not apply to commercials relating to government lotteries and contests.

Chairman Ezekiel Mutua further said all advertisements for alcoholic drinks and those with sexually suggestive scenes are unsuitable for the watershed period (5am and 10pm).

Mutua said all billboards with sexual innuendos and statements such as "lasts longer than your boyfriend" should be pulled down in 14 days. 

The chairman said all commercials or public service announcements for condoms and other contraceptives will also be classified as unsuitable for the period unless they contain a public health safety message.

He said the guidelines will be revised from time to time.

Others are:

1. Advertisements shall not contain visuals or messages that constitute a breach of applicable laws. They should not appear to condone or promote any illegal activity.

2. Commercials shall not contain statements or suggestions that may offend the sensibilities of any racial or religious group, and shall not in any way visually depict any race or religion in a flippant frivolous or inaccurate manner.

3. Commercials shall not promote, justify or glamorise homosexuality, promiscuity, juvenile delinquency and drug abuse.

4. Commercials using derogative language or propaganda for war or advocating for hatred on any identifiable group characteristic, not allowed.

5. Advertisements shall not contain any images, symbols or figures likely to be considered gratuitously offensive nor should they be demeaning to gender, race, culture or tribe.

6. Programmes likely to be seen by children should not contain any visuals, effects or words that might result in harm to them morally or psychologically.

7. Advertisements that feature children should be carefully considered from the point of view of safety of children and should not show them any acts that might endanger them or others.

8. Advertisements shall maintain good taste in visuals and language, devoid of sexually lewd, graphic or indecent language and images that are explicit in nature.

9. All commercials for alcoholic drinks shall be classified as unsuitable for watershed periods. Alcoholic commercials that seek to glamorise abuse or misuse of alcohol-related products, and attempt to associate alcohol with sexual prowess and or a glamorous or successful lifestyle, shall be restricted.

10. Commercials demeaning political figures and party manifestos using derogative language, inciting stereotyping that contains propaganda for war or incitement to imminent violence, or advocating incitement to cause harm shall not be broadcast, exhibited or distributed.

The KFCB said in January that content being distributed online by Netflix is immoral. This was after the US-based internet streaming TV rolled out its services globally in more than 130 countries, including Kenya.

Netflix was said to have failed to conform to national values, ratings, and classification regulations. 

The board said last year that media houses that broadcast programmes with adult content between 5am-10pm would face prosecution.

It said some media houses have been violating the law against airing adult-content movies when minors watch television.

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