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November 18, 2018

Finger Of God Pastor Quincy Timberlake Admitted To Mental Hospital After Assaulting Former TV Queen Esther Arunga

Former TV anchor Esther Arunga with her husband Quincy Timberlake
Former TV anchor Esther Arunga with her husband Quincy Timberlake

After allegedly trying to kill their son to get rid of demons in 2014, it seems like Quincy Timberlake still has mental issues, and that’s why he was admitted at Brisbane Prince Charles Mental Health Hospital in Australia this week.

After the death of their son Sinclair Timberlake in 2014, police postmortem results revealed that the kid had suffered internal injuries, bruising to his arms and torso which Esther Arunga said were caused by “traditional Kenyan healing techniques”. Quincy, on the other hand, denied killing the young boy, saying that he had fallen down the stairs while playing. However, police allege that Esther privately told them that she believed her husband was mentally unwell. 

Even after spending a couple of months in the hospital recently, the former presidential candidate apparently had to be forced back after he started becoming violent to his wife and neighbors.

According to a close source, Esther Arunga, who used to work as a storekeeper had to quit her job just to look after Quincy Timberlake who was dealing with mental problems. She apparently now has to look for help to feed and educate her children.

The case is still in court and both Quincy and Esther Arunga risk life imprisonment if found guilty of murdering their son.

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