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February 17, 2019

Who Should Replace Arsene Wenger if he ever leaves Arsenal?

Arsenal v Chelsea - Barclays Premier League - Emirates Stadium - 24/1/16 Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger
Arsenal v Chelsea - Barclays Premier League - Emirates Stadium - 24/1/16 Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger

So there’s a discussion that’s been going on in an Arsenal whatsapp group about who would be the best manager to replace Arsene Wenger; if he ever leaves.

At least the Wenger die-hards have come around and agreed that the French tactician needs to go but there is no consensus on who would be favourite to succeed him.

Names have been floated like Germany Boss Joachim Leow on one side and Diego Simeone on the other.

As much as I admire Leow because Germany was such a joy to watch during the World Cup; I have my reservations about being the club to initiate Leow back into club football.

Yes he plays in a beautiful system that would match Arsenal’s traditional style; and yes he managed clubs before 2004; but I feel the pace of club football may be too fast for him now that he’s been on the international stage for more than a decade.

I fear what has happened to LVG at Man United may happen to us. LVG’s mind slowed down when he handled the Netherlands and even though he performed well with them; it’s taking him a rather long time to settle back to managing games week in week out!

I don’t think he can write his notes fast enough for club football and while Leow doesn’t seem to carry files around; I still have my slight reservations; much as I respect him.

The fan favourite to replace Arsene of course is Diego Simeone; but one stubborn critic insisted that Simeone would come and try to change Arsenal’s style of play.

He also criticized Atletico’s “ugly style of play.” What? Here is a manager who has got his team to the Champions League final in 2014 and are in the semi finals after a difficult route; and Arsenal fans are worried about his style.

He did in 2014 what none of us would have imagined possible; beating both Real Madrid and Barcelona to the La Liga Crown. I don’t believe Atletico play “ugly football” I feel they play effective football.

One Arsenal admirer of Simeone says he only plays “ugly” against Barcelona and Real Madrid; the matches we all watch; because he acknowledges that you cannot beat such talented squads without changing your tactics.

Barcelona had the lion’s share of possession against them on Wednesday but Atletico won 2-0; that’s what a good manager does. He plays entertaining football when he sees that he can win that way; and becomes effective when the need arises.

In recent years Arsenal hasn’t even been playing the beautiful football that we all fell in love with two decades ago and while I respect and will always respect Wenger; his best years are behind him.

If a miracle happened and Arsenal did sign Simeone; the turn around may not be immediate and we may go through some difficult seasons; but I believe a manager like that who can inspire average players to be great; is what the Gunners need; a manager who won’t accept mediocrity and give excuse like “Giroud scores in phases!”.

Another manager I really admire and consider “the one that got away” is Jurgen Klopp.

I love his passion and honesty. When Liverpool are rubbish he says so; and when they deserve a pat on the back; he gives them one.

And on that note congratulations Liverpool for the Thursday night treat; it was amazing. You made us all forget that it was Thursday!

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