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July 18, 2018

Kenyans troll KFCB boss for "bragging" about VIP lounges and flying business class

Lonely? Ezekiel Mutua aboard the flight on business class.
Lonely? Ezekiel Mutua aboard the flight on business class.

No one else knows how to troll people on either Facebook and Twitter, better than Kenyans. Just ask Nigerians.

Now over the weekend, the Kenya Film Classification Board CEO, Ezekiel Mutua, via Facebook, chose to tell the world that he was having it easy at an airport's VIP lounge.

He also added that he was also the only passenger flying business class on his flight. He accompanied the post with a number of pictures as proof of evidence.

However, this didn't go down too well with some Kenyans, who felt like Mutua was bragging about how well he's doing in life "while many other Kenyans were suffering in poverty".

Zachary Ochuodho poised: "Is it really hard work? How many do you know and shared school, college or work with but have been trying and still languish in poverty?..."

To which Mutua replied: "That's true but there will always be rich and poor people even in the most developed countries and with the best policies. I agree with the aspect of having policies but the best way is to inspire hope, tell our children our struggles and how God delivered us and teach them never to give up. There's no substitute for hope. That's why I love Obama and get so much inspiration from his life. I watch him on YouTube all the time and follow his stories from when he was young. This always gives me new hope and renews my strength."

Caleb Chemirmir commented: "Sounds like bragging in a way..."

"You would be forgiven to take it as bragging but if you really suffered the pangs of hunger and poverty you would choose to "brag" about the goodness of the Lord when He lifts you up. It doesn't inspire anyone when you are quiet about it."

Actor Gerald Langiri asked: "Isn't it lonely being the only person at the VIP lounge and Business class?"

Mutua replied: "Rules don't allow just the same way you can't move to business if you are in economy but it's more about how you can move from negotiating fare to town to this. God has a good sense of humour!"

David Momanyi wrote: "Am just loudly wondering if this business class was not negotiated for, and if not, why?"

"Ha ha ha! Nice one. But you know what life itself is about negotiations. I negotiated to get a job that qualifies me for these privileges yet I am acutely aware of how far I have come from. Only God can turn a mess into a testimony!" he replied.

He added: "I used to live near a bar in Githurai and the drunkards would make so much noise. My son would wake up at night and come to our room to complain that he can't sleep yet that house was among the best in the area then. Haki tumetoka mbali."

Halligan Agade commented: "Remember those who are doing badly. God has made away for you to bless others not just you and your family."

"That can be said a bit more intelligently but I hear you. Helping others has nothing to do with this post. That we do. I just had an awesome experience recently when I went to speak at Alliance Boys and after the meeting a Form One Boy from Kisii approached me in the presence of the Principal and asked me to adopt him and help him achieve his dreams by paying school fees for him. He went ahead to give me his story in the presence of the Principal Mr. David Kariuki. I promised to pay his fees upto 4th form and this week I sent an mpesa to the Principal for his fare home. His fees this term is 53k plus other essentials it comes to over 60k. Now I am not a politician, the boy is from Kisii and I have never met him before yet I will sacrifice to ensure he has a chance in life. This is the 5th on my list at the moment and I don't fund raise. You have no idea how many times I pray and fast for God to provide money for me to pay school fees for these kids who are not even remotely related to me save my elder brother's kid who topped in her school in the village and I took her up. So before you impute wrong motives on people, think twice!" wrote Mutua.


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