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February 22, 2019

Write anywhere with the phree digital pen

Phree case/stand
Phree case/stand


Going paperless just got a little more interesting. OTM Technologies created Phree, a ‘smart pen’ that lets you scribble on virtually any surface. This is the world’s first unrestricted, high resolution, write- virtually- anywhere mobile input device. It has the very familiar look and feel of a pen and is used in very much the same way- simply write or sketch on whatever surface is around you, even the back of your hand, and watch the words or sketches you put down instantly appear on the screen of your phone or tablet. This device uses a Bluetooth connection, meaning you can still use Phree even when your phone or tablet is several metres away. 

OTM Technologies was founded by Gilad Lederer, Dr Opher Kinrot and Uri Kinrot in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company had a successful campaign on Kickstarter (arguably the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects), raising over US$ 1 million (Sh 100million) from more than 5000 backers. In March this year, OTM technologies released its first product, Phree. This device uses the company’s patented Optical Translation Measurement (OTM) technology to capture handwriting digitally and beam it to the user’s digital screen.

Phree has a 3D optical tracking engine that precisely measures its motion and sends digital ink to any Bluetooth device. Its exceptional accuracy is great for creating illustrations and is highly compatible with handwriting recognition software. 

A mini display on the Phree lets you receive notifications from your phone, and it also works as a Bluetooth headset for taking calls.

Its compact design comes with a few more handy additions. Each unit has a protective cap which doubles up as a touch screen stylus. The optional case also transforms into a stand for your smart phone and a wireless charger for the Phree, to be used with an external wireless charging pad. It supports major operating systems such as Android, iOS,Windows and Linux.


Worldwide shipping. Starts September 2016. Limited quantity in first production.

Pre-order Phree for US$198 (Sh20,000)

Get Phree with Case from US$249 (Sh25,200) from

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